Project Description


Iranian Butia Steel Company, with the aim of completing the country’s steel supply chain and the mission of preventing the sale of crude minerals, has established factories producing concentrate, pellets, direct reduction, steelmaking and casting, and a 450 MW combined cycle power plant. Iranian Butya Steel Factory Complex, including 103 hectares of land for ancillary and non-industrial spaces, has been built on a total area of ​​663 hectares in Kerman province, 27 km west of Kerman. Relying on its technical knowledge and operational capacity, and with the aim of supplying the energy required for the above complex and connecting to the national electricity grid, Pishgaman Sanat Bargh Tehran Company has constructed a 230 kV Iranian Butia (Persia) switchboard on a land with an area of ​​40,000 square meters. In 1394, it was formed as EPC, which was successfully connected to the national electricity transmission network of Iran.