One of the best methods for reactive power compensation is the use of capacitors, which is widely used today in transmission and sub transmission networks for simplicity and cost. The installation of capacitors on a 24kV network (with a phase voltage of approximately 11.5 kV, 33kV, and 19 / 5kV phase voltage) is the most suitable voltage level for the capacitor.

PSBT, is a manufacturer of 20kV & 33kV capacitor banks with the aim of installing on a sub transmission network fixed and mobile type.

Based on the knowledge of experts and technicians, the company is involved in the design of electrical and mechanical calculations and capacitor banks, along with VCR boards.

  • Production, installation and operation of capacitor banks with capacity of 1.2, 4.8, 2.4 Mega VAR
  • PSBT is among the first manufacturers of mobile 9.6 MVAR capacitor banks in Iran
  • Manufacturer of low voltage capacitor banks for industrial centers and factories.