We trust in our customers and we think this is our key of success.

Pishgaman Sanat Bargh Tehran Co. is one of the pioneers in electrical industry across the country, which has managed to introduce itself as an outstanding producer in the field of switchboards for controlling systems and instrumentation automation, besides providing remarkable services such as contributing in establishment of power plants and electrical posts, as well as installing, running, troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining distribution systems, high voltage power networks, various switchboards, transformers and etc.

Amongst the key factors affecting these achievements, is taking advantage of experienced and innovative directors in the related industry, who are continouesely adapting themselves with the day’s knowledge and novel accomplishments in this industry. This corporation which is filled with motivation and dynamism, has succeeded to gain an incredible position among its competitors, having a great purpose which is not only being the greatest company, but also being the best.

Our Goal is What You Demand

This point of view will enable PSBT to orient its activities on the requirements of the industries in which it operates.

Works and Projects

Real and Devoted Engineers

We are truely proud of our engineers and experts. We have always been a family with the same goal. PSBT family is trying to be what the industry needs.

We Provide a Wide Range of Services and Products

PSBT tries to satisfy a wide range of customers by providing services and products in different sections of power industry such as control systems.

“We help the industry to feel the way it should be and our lifework is built upon this.”

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