Project Description


With the aim of supplying the required energy of Baft Steel Rehabilitation Complex, Pishgaman Sanat Bargh Tehran Company presented and implemented an EPC power supply plan to the complex, taking into account the future development phases consisting of the following sections. Successful operation:
1- Construction of a 132 kV two-circuit transmission line with a length of approximately 3 km and connection to the national grid.
2- Construction of 132/33 kV substation with a transmission power of 30 MVA and on a land with an area of ​​22,500 square meters.
3- Construction of two 33 kV dual circuit power distribution lines with a length of approximately 3 km in order to transfer energy to the factory site.
4- Construction of pumping station in order to transfer the water required for the industrial use of the complex.
5- Power supply to the industrial weighing section of the Steel Rehabilitation Complex.